Laos is rich in precious ore and has historically attracted large mining operations. These days mostly gold and copper are extracted, while some large bauxite deposit in the South of the country are also considered.

Sourcing360 is involved at several levels:

During the construction, with delivery of standard construction materials for the plant and for the camp, and more mining specific equipment such as rubber hoses an various types of mesh / sieves.

During operations, chemicals, grinding balls, crucible are also supplied, as well as all manners of supply suited to the daily life of a large camp accommodating hundreds of individuals.
These sites are often located in remote locations and logistics can be a problem. And moving goods smoothly, at times with urgency, to remote locations has long been a strong point of Sourcing360.

Our interventions typically involved large supplies / high-value and smaller low-value supplies that we provide as a service.

Main Products

  • Spare parts vehicle / machinery
  • Electrical parts and panels
  • Grinding balls
  • Tools and machinery
  • Hydraulic Hose & Fittings
  • Bearings