The Lao economy is characterized by the predominance of significant infrastructure projects in power generation and by large scale mining operations. We are actively involved with the three biggest projects currently underway.



MMG / LXML : headquartered in Australia, this is the largest copper and gold mine in Laos with headquarters in Australia. Sourcing360 starting cooperating with LXML directly in 2008 through the supply of sulfuric acid, and indirectly through the supply of tanker capacity to their nominated logistics provider.

Sourcing360 has extended its services to other areas and now provide LXML with various goods and regular industrial supplies : specialty cement, lab equipment, nuts and bolts or plastic pallets.

CMC / Theun Hynboun Civil engineering : we are one of the suppliers of this Italian civil engineering firm for the supply of spare parts and small industrial supply.

Panaustralian / Phu Bia : Sourcing360 has been supplying guide posts and various industrial supplies to Panaustralian for two years.

Other customers in Laos include electrical engineering firms, coffee producers, and smaller mining companies.