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Others : industrial supplies, one stop shop and corporate gifts
Although we have somewhat became more knowledgeable and efficient sourcing chemicals and construction related goods, we have supplied a wide range of other products and, apart from high tech and highly restricted commodities,  there is that we are unable to source :

Industrial supplies :  These are all the products that do not fall in the previous categories, all the items below have been supplied in relative large quantities :
  1. Lead sheets and lead wool.
  2. High grade pyrite.
  3. Water engineering and filtering systems.
  4. Printing and stationery supplies.
  5. Guide Bits and Parts.
One stop shop : increasingly our strategy is to become a preferred supplier to large project owners. We help them find a variety of products, regardless of the value. This creates the ultimate win-win situation : the project owner has a reliable partner for all its procurement requirements, while the business model is profitable for sourcing360 thanks to higher volumes.

Corporate gifts : we have been using the strength of our sister company premium360 to supply a vast array of gifts and premium to Laos and Cambodia : pens, caps, keychains, bags, mugs, etc…

As with all our offering in Thailand, all this giveaways can be branded with the with a logo. In addition, we have stock of over 300 references in Thailand. We additional information, we invite you to visit our sister website : www.premium360.com