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Construction material, equipment and fittings
With growth at 8% to 10% Laos and Cambodia have been (re)building their infrastructure. In the process both country has purchasing considerable amounts of general and specialized construction equipment, materials and fittings. Some of which have been supplied by Sourcing360.

Materials : gypsum boards, Medium Density Fiber boards, wood-cement particle boards, organic pigments, fiberglass mesh and strands, geotextile, cement additives and specialty cement, scaffolding and steel pipes, insulation material, roof tiles, ceramic tiles, etc…

Machinery and equipment : Bangkok has established itself as a hub for second hand machinery. We have supplied the following : self erecting tower crane, telescopic boom, mini-excavator, cement projector, concrete projector, gentry crane.

Fittings : sanitary ware, metal cabinets, beds and linen, lamps.